Our response centre is at the heart of our operations; we provide the best professional capabilities to our customers utilising our global network to provide accurate information.

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Our 24/7 operations centre staffed by our dynamic and experienced operations team provide clients the peace of mind that their assets are being monitored through our vessel tracking and vehicle tracking systems.

Through risk assessments and reviewing our clients’ needs through our risk management process we ensure the appropriate mitigation measures are implemented. Supported by our constant monitoring of our clients’ vessels/vehicle coupled with the advice from our intelligence analysts we are able to provide timely advice should any situational changes occur. This ensures 24/7 operational support is provided to our clients and deployed teams, enabling effective risk management and crisis management response.

This is further supported by our third-party intelligence service, MariTrace, that further enhances our capacity to advise vessel masters on any developing threats and offer advice for risk mitigation, whilst transiting high risk areas.

  • 24/7 Operation Management
  • Crisis & and incident management
  • Vessel tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Intelligence reports
  • Surveillance & reconnaissance analysis
  • Emergency response procedures



MariTrace has the ability to setup unique logins for clients. Vessel owners and ship managers are able to view their vessel, the route and also see the piracy overlays that could potentially impact the vessel during the voyage. Logins can be provided for up to three users per vessel. For more information on the tracking services offered by MariTrace, please click here.

LGS understands the importance of receiving up to the minute accurate & reliable piracy intelligence reports. This allows us to react accordingly and take counter measures to ensure our clients vessels are not exposed to any immediate threats. Our 24/7 Operations Centre is proud to be associated with MariTrace; who deliver immediate intelligence feeds to LGS allowing us to convey any imminent risks directly to the Master and security teams, onboard our client vessels.


In order to provide secure Journey Management operations, LGS use live tracking, geo-fencing & proximity alerts with 24/7 emergency response. We will ensure the vehicle carrying your personnel is tracked throughout the entire journey in order to monitor its safety. Real-time intelligence is conveyed through to the driver and security team to allow them to avoid any known road hazards, and relieve you of any local safety concerns so you can conduct your business as usual.