LGS is a premium maritime security provider, delivering a wide range of risk mitigation solutions to the international shipping community

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Our Escort Vessels manned by our Liaison Officer (LO) and armed naval detachment provide escort/patrolling of our client asset(s) / vessel(s) to ensure any threats are detected, deterred and intercepted in accordance with our operational procedures. This is further supported by the LGS’ intelligence department who analyse recent activity and provide threat assessment of intended routes, detailing recent attack so that operational planning can be achieved with consideration of both specific and ambient threats.

Our specialised Escort Vessels meet the unique demands of countering maritime threats; giving us the ability to deliver a fast response to any risk posed. From a wide range of frequently audited options, each Escort Vessel is carefully chosen to match the requirements of the client operations.

Communication and navigational systems are in place to ensure maximum efficiency in identification of threats and all our operational assets are supported by our 24/7 Operations Centre and onshore management team. This ensures assets are tracked and the live intelligence updates are delivered to enable informed decisions to be made in real-time.

We understand the challenges facing the maritime industry, our expertise is the result of hundreds of successful operations. Using the latest risk mitigation measures and real time intelligence we actively manage the security of the crew and assets that we secure.


We provide either armed or unarmed security teams in our primary mission to deter pirate attack; and our Rules of Use of Force are fully compliant with the international regulations. Our teams are fully equipped with state-of-the-art offshore equipment to ensure they can provide the very best level of service to our clients; which includes:

  • Prior threat assessment and analysis of recent intelligence and attacks
  • Crew training and lockdown drills
  • Vessel hardening
  • BMP5 implementation
  • 24/7 surveillance from our onboard personnel
  • British ex-military, or local Host Nation Forces teams
  • Regular sit reps to client
  • 24/7 vessel tracking from our Ops Centre